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Welcome to Orphan's Bridge

Orphan’s Bridge is an international organization working to enrich the lives of orphaned children. We seek to give children more opportunities in life and expand their world. This is accomplished through a variety of programs and projects. The programs fall under the following categories:

Social Interaction, Life Skills Training, Education, Enrichment Field Trips, Facility Improvements, Equipment Improvements, Food Supplies 

Every orphanage has a different set of needs. Those run from the basic necessities to facility or educational needs. Most orphanages cannot go beyond providing the basic needs for the children.

Orphan’s Bridge gains connections to orphanages and develops a relationship with their directors. Then we assess the needs of the orphanage and determine how best we can assist in enriching and improving the lives of the children.

In our ever changing world, the needs of the orphanages are constantly changing.  Our focus areas are educational needs, food supplies and facility improvements.  Educational support includes scholarships.  We also provide literacy support to a children's home in Denver.    We have partnered with other organizations to provide food for malnourished children.  Facility improvements for healthy environments are always a concern and need.

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